Meet our Friends


What is a Friend? Here are some of our ideas!

A Friend is someone you can depend on. A Friend is someone who is there for you.

A Friend is someone who lends a helping hand when you need it. A Friend is someone who helps you feel good. A Friend is someone who cares about you.

Meet some of our Friends and find out why they care about and want to lend a hleping hand to Angel’s Orphanage.

Jack Hayward Swindon Wilts.

jackhaywardMy name is Jack Hayward. I am happy to say I have been part of ‘The Friends’ from the very beginning.

It gives me great pleasure reading the newsletters and seeing how well the children are progressing. I love the pictures showing that they are happy and healthy. I know that continued support is very important and it is my intention to stay on board for as long as it takes. I would invite anybody not yet involved to consider becoming ‘a friend’ – you will get back much more than you can ever give!


Laurence Olnois. Gloucester.

kBeing the parent of three young children I dread to think what it would be like not to be able to feed them or clothe them or give them the basic things in life. By supporting Angel’s Orphanage I am helping to give these unfortunate children these things. I like its direct approach, not like some big organisations where a lot of the money gets lost. It is good to have first hand news of the children and how they are doing and to get regular updates in the Newsletter.