A view from the hillside near Dirali village situated north-west of Kathmandu.

Nepal the jewel in the Himalayas

Like many visitors once we went to Nepal we fell in love with the country and its friendly people If you are visiting this site for information on Nepal you will find plenty that we have gathered over our visits.  The main purpose of the website, however, is to help alleviate the poverty, deprivation and distress of many of the tragically orphaned and abandoned children of this region of our world.

We were there in 2009 bringing a medical camp to these villagers and those in the surrounding area. You can see the de-forestation as the people in these parts rely on subsistence farming and they need to terrace the steep hillsides to plant their crops..

If you have seen these pages about Nepal I am sure you will agree with us this is a wonderful and beautiful place, however, the underlying poverty, poor general health and the plight of children has moved us to establish a Friends organisation to support Angel’s rescued abandoned and orphaned children and save them from hunger and despair..

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